You are asked to survey Lot 22 on Registered Plan 6354. Your establishment of the boundaries
of the property indicate that there is a significant difference in the distance to the high water
mark published on the Registered Plan and to the current water’s edge. You have determined
the average water level in 1948, set out the contour of that elevation, and have located the
current water’s edge in the field. The results are shown in figure 2.
You client has no knowledge of boundary and riparian law but understands from discussions
with his lawyer at the time of purchase that he owns the lot as shown on the Registered Plan as
defined by the survey markers, and his deed simply describes the land as “All of Lot 22 on
Registered Plan 6354”.
Your task, as a surveyor, is to establish the limits of what your client owns.
you will write a report to your client – not an experts report, but keep in mind it could be
produced at discovery should this lead to litigation – outlining your research, findings, and
where you intend to place the limits of his property. This report will **include a sketch** and will
quote all relevant case and statute law and explain how you came to your conclusions. The
report should be at least three pages, not including drawings.

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