Sustainable Business Operations of Interface, Inc.

Introduction and Evidence of HP’s Sustainable Operations

Today’s business executives are dealing with unprecedented and a complex brew of technological, market, environmental and social trends. These trends require sophisticated management based on sustainable operations. Managers and executives are reluctant to have sustainable operations at the core of their business strategy in the common mistaken assumption that costs are outweighing the benefits. Johnson and Schaltegger (2015) demonstrate how academic research and business experience have shown that these claims are not true. Embedded sustainability operations and efforts have a positive influence on the performance of the business and improve the involvement of stakeholders in the business activities.

An example of a corporation which has been transforming into more sustainable business operations is Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP. Founded in 1939 and rebranded to HP Inc. in 2015, the corporation develops personal computers, printers and related computer software supplies (Zell, 2018). Primarily, HP is a technology company with global operations and massive influence in the personal computers market. There is enormous evidence that shows how the company has been transforming into sustainable practices, especially with regards to environmental protection, ethical business practices and social responsibility (Zell, 2018).

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