Switzerland and American Healthcare System Essay


Comparison Paper, this paper builds on the information covered in this course and your International Report by examining a specific aspect of your assigned country’s health care system and comparing it with the United States.For example, you may consider discussing “finance” by looking into co-pays, total system costs and care not received due to cost pressures.(You would not simply consider “finance” as you did in the International Report—you’ll be more specific.)Every paper will be different; there are many options.You will include relevant information (including a variety of outcomes) from both countries that help illustrate your discussion.Your prior work from the International Report can be used, but a deeper analysis is expected.If you decide to use parts of your International Report, citation is not required as we consider this a “continuation” of your project.However, any and all sources used (including in the prior work) must be clearly cited.It is likely that you’ll use some of your prior work, then expand your analysis with additional data sources.(Do not simply re-submit the same info; go deeper.) This paper will be more difficult than it seems.Word limits are often challenging.You will need to write concisely to provide an understandable overview of the system that includes all required details.Your paper must be fully referenced (APA required) and written professionally, using in-text citations.You will need to use the best, current evidence.

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