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Phil 203: Week Eight First-Order Logic First-Order Logic: Motivations TFL only lets us capture why some arguments are valid. To get at other kinds of reasoning, we need to expand our system. A Valid Argument A Valid Argument: TFL Symbolization: All logicians wear funny hats. Audrey is a logician. Therefore, Audrey wears a funny hat. L A Therefore, H. What’s Going On? The argument relies on how we reason about groups of things (like people). But TFL doesn’t have ways to symbolize or deal with words like “all” and “some.” So we move on to First-Order Logic (FOL). FOL Basics Instead of just having sentence letters like A, B, C, we have names and predicates. Names refer to individual people/places/things. Predicates are claims we can make about those people/places/things. Names Names: a, b, c, (lowercase letters between a and

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