Synergies3 and DIRECTV Can Be Held Liable for The Stealing Action Case Study


You are going to have toBrief three cases. It can be double space and has to be 2 pages for each case. Which is a total of 6 pages. There will be a file with instructions on how to brief a case. 5 attachmentsSlide 1 of 5


How to Write a “Brief” Use the following “IRAC” (Issue Rule Application Conclusion) format: Issue: What question must be answered in order to reach a conclusion in the case? The Issue must be expressed in the form of a legal question which, when answered, gives the result in the case. Make it specific (e.g. “Has there been a false imprisonment if the plaintiff was asleep at the time of ‘confinement’?”) rather than general (e.g. Did the defendant owe a duty of care to the plaintiff when the plaintiff was trespassing on the defendant’s property?). Some cases present more than one issue; if there is more than one issue, it is OK to write more than one, but be sure to list the principal one and focus on that. Rule: The Rule is the law that applies to the principal issue. It should be stated as a general principal, (e.g. A duty of care is owed

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