For the business brief, you need to use the articles attached on a business-related issue which is ethics. Introduce the articles and talk about why you think it is important or why it is an important element of interpersonal team dynamics. Discuss the issues (pro and con) and come to a position that you advocate with respect to the issue. An issue brief is a concise description and analysis of some current business-related issue that affects business. Also, tie in how it relates to good ethics and values. Conclude with your personal position on the issues raised or the case proposed.

  • Issue summary: A brief description of the issue being examined, including its major dimensions.
  • Background analysis: Discuss the issue’s current context, why and how it has become a business issue, and the major implications for business organizations that are affected by the issue.
  • Analysis of the intended and unintended consequences of implementing the proposed topic or framework–who would benefit and who would be harmed by implementation?

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