Tableau Applicationundefinedundefined

Purpose of Assignment (WHY)undefined

Communicating complex data information and insights through story telling with data visualizations using dashboards, scorecards, spatial data representations and use of annotations is an important aspect of data science. In various roles you must be able to evaluate, propose and implement appropriate visualizations for a specified audience using key informational design concepts. In this assignment you will create an individual Tableau application.undefined

Program Learning Outcomesundefined

PLO7: Design and deliver presentations, reports, and recommendations that effectively translate technical results/data solutions and are coherent and persuasive to different audiences.undefinedundefined

Course Learning Outcomesundefined

This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:undefined

  • CLO1: Design dashboards that “tell a story” using a narrative flow
  • CLO2: Use graphic design concepts that enhance accessibility and aesthetics
  • CLO3: Create effective data visualizations by understanding the context, choosing an appropriate visual, and eliminating clutter
  • CLO4: Create and present data visualizations that focus the attention of the stakeholder on key data insights


CLO5: Using ethical strategies, identify and create visualizations that are not biased or misleading to the audience.


Assignment Description (WHAT)undefined

Tableau Application


Based on your initial analysis, please develop visualizations that effectively communicate your story using data. To do this, you should create visualizations that reflect the principles discussed in the course (e..g, storytelling, choosing effective visuals, gestalt principles, design principles, etc). You will then incorporate these visualizations into a Tableau dashboard. The dashboard should:undefined

  • Include as many different visualizations as needed. These should be of varying types (e.g., bar charts, heatmaps, etc)
  • Answer the research/business question and display the key information that the intended audience needs
  • Be easy to navigate and visually appealing
  • Reflect the data accurately and generally communicate the data appropriately
  • Tells a story
  • You need to submit at least one dashboard with three graphs answering one research/business question and a one page paper with your rationale and findings

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