1 ) Protecting the Organization

Identify how this division is impacted by employment law.

Describe the division’s role in protecting the Organization from actual/potential violations of various employment laws.

Here is the organization’s division.(Target company)1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Learning & Development: Division’s Purpose The Learning & Development division helps to maintain and develop learning management systems and the training materials that team members need to be successful in their roles. “From call centers and onboarding classes for systems, processes and tools, to ongoing support for new program rollouts, this team serves as the learning and culture champion for the organization” (Human Resources, n.d.). Learning & Development: Roles in Division Target is on a mission to “improve the company’s performance by building a fast, fun and friendly team dedicated to excellence” (Culture: Working at target, 2021). In order to accomplish this, Target has created an employee development strategy to embrace, model, and teach the concrete behaviors that will lead to higher individual

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