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11:14 الي x al Instructions- Proposal is now due TERM PAPER PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS Due Date: October 21, 2021 Your proposal must consist of two sections: 1. Summary: 2-3 paragraphs, explaining what the student, at the beginning stage, envisions as a final Term Paper: What is your topic, what are the issues or questions to be discussed, how these issues/questions relate to the Course, why the student chose this topic, and what approach is expected in developing and resolving the issues. 2. Outline: A structured outline of the Term Paper the student expects to write. This should contain as much detail as practicable, including some cited resources, to give me an idea of how the intended Term Paper is to be structured. The major points should be listed and labeled in Roman Numerals (1,I1,III,IV, etc…). Point I should be labeled “Introduction”

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