The attached “ethics 3” continues the discussion on what other ethical obligations software engineers are under.

Then proceed to answer the questions inside the reading:

  • Questions 5.1 – 5.12

Because for many ethics questions there is no absolutely right or wrong answers as such, your responses will be graded based on completeness and thoughtfulness as opposed to rote or perfunctory ones. There are three grade levels for this assignment based on your responses to all the questions: 20 (no reasoning in responses), 35 (minimal to little reasoning), and 50 (sufficient reasoning and consideration).

Write your answers in a Word file using Times New Roman font (no smaller than 10 pt but no bigger than 12 pt), single spacing, 1″ margins on all sides.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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An Introduction to Software Engineering Ethics MODULE AUTHORS: Shannon Vallor, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy, Santa Clara University SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR TO INTRODUCTION: Arvind Narayanan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University PART FIVE What general ethical obligations are software engineers under, beyond their distinctive professional obligations? We noted above that software engineers, in addition to their special professional obligations to the public, also have the same ethical obligations to their fellow human beings that we all share. What might those obligations be, and how should they be evaluated alongside our professional obligations? There are a number of familiar concepts that we already use to talk about how, in general, we ought to treat others. Among them are the concepts

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