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Group 2a: You are industry lobbyists trying to convince a European Legislature of your position (your classmates are European politicians). As you define your position, please refer to the GDPR. What does the imposition of these regulations mean to your users, to the cost of your app, to your online advertising business model? Present your most persuasive arguments against regulation.

Mobile apps, social networks, internet service providers, phone networks, and others online collect as much as they can in order to monetize such data. The lectures and screenings and readings for 85c touch on privacy as a contentious issue in media studies, including but not limited to questions regarding customer approval (explicit opt-in or opt-out, vs covert or implicit aggregation), advertising models, data security, etc. On one side, you have online media collecting copious amounts of customer information (device identifiers, advertising identifiers, location data, user interests, content you create, etc). On the other side, you have advocates calling for the protection of personally identifiable information (your contacts, location, interests, and other behavioral data, your household information, date and place of birth, etc). Regulatory frameworks differ in stipulating how consumers should be able to exercise certain rights in their interactions with media platforms, but they serve us as starting points for considering consumer privacy protections. Inversely, regulatory frameworks also stipulate that a business is allowed to collect and use personal information to provide the core functionality of a service or application
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Group 1 will consider (three or more) films based on a videogame: ● To what extent do the films use (or deviate from) the game plot? ● are their central characters essentially the same as those in the ludic model? ● do the films successfully use key elements of the game in terms of sound, lighting, style, etc? ● what seems to be gained or lost in the process of adaptation? Films for presentation: ● 2 minutes for each presenter. Presenter: 1 The benefits of brand recognition (all of the films)● Increases the brand’s value. (~2 mins) ● Resident Evil franchise: Capcom are limited to sell the video games in regions where consoles are not widespread. Since movies are very popular, most likely those regions will have movie theaters, therefore, the content of Resident Evil can get some recognition without game consoles. ● (Melissa Mondragon)

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