A fundamental aspect of nursing informatics is project implementations based on technology for patient care problems. The American Nurses Association (ANA) Scope and Standards of Nursing Informatics Practice requires the Nurse Informaticist to propose, implement, and evaluate technological advances for quality patient care. The Quality and Safety Education for Nursing’s (QSEN) pre-licensure Informatics competencies relate to how informatics supports safe, quality patient care through the following:

· Value nurses’ involvement in design, selection, implementation, and evaluation of information technologies to support patient care

· Describe examples of how technology and information management are related to the quality and safety of patient care

· Apply technology and information management tools to support safe processes of care

For this assignment, you will develop a proposal for a new technology that is currently not being used in your area of nursing practice. Keep in mind that technology has some form of electronic component to it for this paper.

Starting with the need, identify why the need exists for the new technology. What data is collected that tells you a problem exists? How will this technology answer the problem? Provide an analysis of the current situation and potential opportunity for improving patient care. With any new technology project, there must be stakeholder identification, an identification of quality indicators, projected benefits, consideration for training, and evaluation of outcomes.

Write a 6-10 page formal APA paper that describes the new technology following the directions below. This does not include title page and references. The 6-10 range allows you to expand or contract your paper and gives you some leeway on the total number of pages.

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage a depth and breadth of understanding about new technology and the impact on patient care. This assignment allows insight into the many facets of bringing about change from inception to evaluation.

This assignment is 20 points, or 20% of your final grade.

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