Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Our addiction to tecnology.The manner in which technology is being manifested in this day and age leaves many questions unanswered. Man has started to believe that technology is his savior at the end of the day and that he needs to seek help from technological domains in order to meet all his needs which is simply untrue (Seale 2011). There is immense dependence over technology which is something that leaves a bad taste in the mouth for everyone since technology can never come close to the human emotional and intellectual quotient. There just is no substitute for man’s understanding and intellect. Technology can never come anywhere close to what a human being can do. This has to be comprehended by the people who have begun to opine that technology can resolve any problem of theirs, which is largely false and does not hold any weight. Technology is merely a tool which is deployed by man alone (Duin 2003).There needs to be more emphasis paid on the fact that nature has a significant role within the man’s dealings. This is because nature has its say in nearly all the aspects that man has to undergo or is a part of. Technology only assists him whenever there is a need to find out something new or perhaps explore a way through which hard work can be substituted. However, this does not mean that technology is the mainstay of all processes and things that a man does and hence it should be given less emphasis than it is being shown in the present day and age.The role of nature is therefore pivotal because it discusses quite a few factors which are in the favor of the people. If nature is denied its due role, there would be many issues for one and all, which would be difficult to understand even from the technological angles. Hence it would be correct to find out where technology is deemed as quintessential and how its undue role and usage can be minimized as much as possible (Linturi 2000). The role of nature is embedded within man’s character

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