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This is my Accounting Project due in 10 hours, it is not something that is very hard to do but I don’t have the time to do it right now. All the instructions are on the PDF below. (Please bid on this question if you think that you can at least get a 90 on it.) Thank you in advance.

Please choose the company Tesla for the project by the way.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT Go to: Select a PUBLIC Company (U.S.-based (not foreign) that you would like to research; Insert company name or stock symbol into Search box at top of page. Note 1: Make sure company is NYSE or NASDAQ. Note 2: If company name does not work, it may be owned by another company; unless you know the Parent Company name, you may want to choose another company, or contact me. Note 3:-Make sure your company has Receivables or Inventories on its balance sheet; IF NOT, PICK ANOTHER COMPANY. Note 4: Do NOT choose a financial institution (bank, insurance company, brokerage firm, etc.) Note 5: Recommend choosing large, profitable companies Go to FINANCIALS ( middle of top row) Click on Income Statement – Make sure you set “VIEW” to ANNUAL Data (not Quarterly) PRINT INCOME STATEMENT Click on Balance Sheet tab – Make sure you set “VIEW” to ANNUAL Data (not Quarterly) PRINT BALANCE SHEET Print-outs of Income Statement and Balance Sheet MUST be submitted Complete the attached worksheets. Due Date: Wednesday, November 27, beginning of class; no e-mail submissions Maximum score equals five points. Late submissions will be accepted with loss of one-half point per class late. Assignment is to be done on an INDIVIDUAL basis; assignment points for any “group” work will be split among the group. Name___________________________________ Company Name__________________________ 1- Key Statistics: (OMIT ALL ZEROS 000) Income Statement Current Year Prior Year Increase(Decrease) $ % Total Revenue {Sales} Cost of Revenue Gross Profit Net Income Balance Sheet End of Current Year End of Prior Year Increase (Decrease) $ % Total Cash, Cash equivalents & Short-term investments Net Receivables Inventory Total Current Assets Total Assets Total Current Liabilities Total Liabilities Total Stockholders’ Equity Asset Composition: Largest Assets: $ End of Current Year % of Total Assets 1.____________________ ____________ ______ 2.____________________ ____________ ______ 3.____________________ ____________ ______ . 2- Ratios – Calculate the following ratios for the last TWO years and indicate whether the trend is favorable or unfavorable. Note percentages and times should be to one decimal place (e.g. 14.8%; 5.8X). FAVORABLE Current Year Prior Year (UNFAVORABLE) Profitability Ratios Gross Margin (%) {Gross Profit / Total Revenue} Profit Margin (%) {Net Income / Total Revenue} Return on Assets (%) {Net income / Average Total Assets} Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio (X) {Current Assets / Current Liabilities} Acid Test Ratio (X) {Total Cash, Cash equivalents +Short term investments + Net Receivables / Current liabilities} Liquidity Ratios (continued) Current Year Accounts Receivable Turnover (X) { Total Revenue / Average Net Receivables} Inventory Turnover (X) {Cost of revenue / Average Inventory} Debt ratio (%) {Total Liabilities / Total Assets} Prior Year FAVORABLE (UNFAVORABLE) 3-Stock Analysis: Click on Summary tab-(top on far left): Stock Symbol (1-4 letter abbreviation) __________ Stock Exchange (NYSE=New York or __________ NASDAQ Latest Price of Stock __________ 52 Week Range __________ Based on the 52 week data, is the current price of the stock (circle one) Inexpensive (closer to the 52 week low) Expensive (closer to the 52 week high) Neither (approximately halfway between 52 week high and low) Market Cap. (What the company is worth) ___________ Analysts’ Recommendation Rating (1 to 5) ___________ Are analysts recommending to buy, hold, underperform or sell your company’s stock? In Stock Price Chart section: Click on 1Y (1 Year) Stock Market Price per Share Current Nov. 2018 _______ _______ Increase (Decrease) $ % _____ _____ If the average stock on the stock market is up 13% since November 2018, how would you describe your company’s stock price performance over the last year compared to the average stock? Click on Profile tab (middle of top row) List other brand names or companies that this company operates, if any that are shown under Business Description; if none, leave blank _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Industry _______________ Number of employees _______________ CEO Name: ________________ Pay: ________________ Company headquarters (state) ________________ Year Company Founded ________________ 4- Summary Conclusion: Based on all of your analysis, summarize (bullet-point) the most important recent financial trends of the Company and your overall conclusion. …
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