1. Discuss the political culture of Texas. Do you accept what Professor Elazar has identified as the dominant political culture in Texas?
  2. Explain the influences that shaped the Texas Constitution of 1876. Explain the individuals and groups that played a role in drafting the document, and the sentiments held by those individuals and groups that resulted in the specific governmental design set forth in the constitution.
  3. Provide an understanding of the relationship between the national and state governments. Explain which powers are held by the national government, which powers are reserved to the states, and those powers shared by both the national and state governments

I will send you my information in aprivate message, once you accept the assignment so that you can log on to www.cengagebrain.com, in order to see the actual text book with all chapters on there.

As long as this is ok with you to look at the chapters that way, I figure its the easiest way to view it rather than me taking pictures on my screen and sending it to you.

So the task is to answer one of these questions according to the chapter readings not all three just choose one and answer it there no minimum word count limit, so just make it sound good partner lol.

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