With the incessant advancement in technology over the last few decades, millennials have exhibited unprecedented passion for texting. This has had an adverse effect on their affinity for academic and or fictional writing. However, most of the students who do texting are of the opinion that texting is itself a form of writing. The increasingly fading line between texting and writing forms the subject of this paper. I agree with the proponents of writing who argue that the former is the recent form of Morse code and has no significant relationship with writing. 

Firstly, it is imperative to note that the writing space for texting is constrained to a given number of characters. Research reveals that on average, only 160 characters are available for communication when one is texting (Plester 139).  Therefore, one has to undertake the tumultuous task of ensuring that their short message is clear, coherent, and concise (Agger 14). The element has seen most technological companies develop devices with text-speak capabilities. This is in a bid to enable an individual get a message across within the restricted number of characters. On the other hand, academic writing is rarely restrained to a given number of characters. Thus, it is easier to produce well thought out ideas in the most concise way possible. 

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