Museum Essay #2 Prompt: Your Task: Describe, analyze, and discuss thematically a museum object relating to Unit 4 (Indus), Unit 5 (China), Unit 6 (Mesoamerica), or Unit 7 (the Andes). This essay is a reflective piece of writing requiring you to use terms and themes drawn from your readings. How to Accomplish Your Task: Write 7-10 sentences demonstrating how the object you chose relates to either the theme of writing or the rise of social complexity. You must use at least 3 key terms, people, or places drawn from your readings in your essay. A list of key terms, people, and places can be found in the handouts available to you on Blackboard. Provide a photo of the object in your essay along with a link to the object within the digital collection that you chose. A list of suggested objects is available on Blackboard. You may also chose your own object. Please consult the professor as necessary.

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