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FMS 101A: The Silent Era Research Paper Assignment Winter 2021 Bibliographies Due: Friday, February 12th Papers Due: Tuesday, March 16th Prof. Luci Marzola lmarzola@uci.edu Julian Francolino, TA jfrancol@uci.edu KT Wong, TA kokw@uci.edu Justin Keever, TA jkeever@uci.edu Siavash Yansori, TA syansori@uci.edu Paper Prompt: You will write a 1500-2000-word (not including headings and notes) paper focused on the discourse around a film from before 1930. This research assignment will require that you select a film from a period discussed in class (pre-1930). You may write about a film that we watched clips of, but not one we screened in its entirety. See the list of suggested films below. You will find reviews, articles, and advertisements from the time of the film’s original release in order to understand the ways the film was marketed and

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