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The Case of George’s Dress Shop-Jury 2

Below you will find your jury question. Please read the scenario and answer the 3 questions to the best of your ability. Not only do you need to post your vote and explanation, but you will need to reply to another group member’s post. Be sure to include all of the following to get the maximum points(20 points). Follow the same procedure as in Jury 1.

Answer all 3 questions.

Provide an explanation for each vote.

Provide a citation for each vote which has the page number from the text.

The citations need to be from our text only, not Google or another internet source.

Provide a definition of the law you are citing.

Reply to another group member’s vote.

Give reasons why you agree or disagree, but you do not need to use citations on your reply to another post.

Sally and Samantha, both of California, became engaged and decided to have Sally’s favorite tailor, George, who is white, design and make their wedding gowns. Sally is Anglo American and Samantha is African American. They set a date for the ceremony 8 months in the future. Initially, Sally told George that Samantha was her twin sister and that thy were having a double wedding. George had been making suits for Sally over many years and he knew her tastes and her measurements. He has 16 workers who do the majority of the sewing. Sally told George that Samantha was the same size. Sally gave a $10,000 down payment on the dresses and understood that $10,000 would be due at the time the dresses were ready. George promised to have the dresses ready at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

At the appointment to do the final fitting for their gowns, George was on vacation. His assistant was helping them. When he took one look at Samantha and Sally, he informed them that he was opposed to interracial same sex marriage and would not finish their wedding gowns. This was 3 weeks before the wedding. When George returned two weeks later, he found out what happened with this assistant and then he fired the assistant. George would only return $5,000 of the deposit to Sally as he said Sally lied to him about Samantha being her sister. He also said it was too late to finish the dresses by the time of the wedding

Sally and Samantha tried to find another dress maker to make the dresses, but were told that they would need at least one month to complete them. Since there was no time to find an experienced dress maker, they had to buy their dresses off the rack. The rack dresses were only adequate, but not as nice as they had wished. The dresses from the rack cost $500 each.

The Trial

Sally and Samantha sued George for discrimination. They filed a claim with the EEOC which gave them the permission to sue in Federal Court. They alleged that George discriminated against them on the basis of sex as well as race. They said that George’s assistant was clear when he stated that he did not agree with interracial same sex marriage. They asked for the return of the $5,000 and for $1,000 that they had to spend on the rack dresses.

The Arguments at Trial

Sally and Samantha’s attorney argues that George has no right to discriminate against them because of their race or sexual orientation, which is a protected class in their state. In fact, the state in which they reside allows for same sex marriage, thus no law was being broken. George had taken care of Sally’s specialty clothing needs for years and his abrupt refusal, caused them emotional distress.

George’s attorney argued that George did not discriminate against the couple, but it was his former employee, who was immediately fired. He argued this was not the company’s policy and it was the fired employee’s fault. Further, he stated the Sally was also at fault for lying to him and saying that Samantha was her twin sister.

Questions to Discuss

How do you vote on the issue of the racial discrimination charge against George’s dress shop? Explain.

How do you vote on the issue of the sexual discrimination charge against George’s dress shop? Explain.

How do you vote on the request for damages in the amount of $6,000 that Sally and Samantha are requesting? Explain.

After answering the three questions, please respond to another juror and provide your reasons for your position.

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