The charter school’s CEO has requested your help in updating the network to meet the demands of the building’s faculty members and students. Your job is to interview the key stakeholders and to take action to remedy the issues that they have. Write a two to three page proposal addressing each of the stakeholder concerns. Use the technologies below for the areas of concern. All of the technologies listed below will not be used, so be careful with your choices. You must use one of the solutions below to address each area of concern.
Be specific in your responses, and justify the use of each technology based upon the concern. Category 2 UTP 10Base – T Ethernet Cabling Category 5 UTP 100Base – T Ethernet Cabling Category 6 UTP 1000Base – T Ethernet Cabling Server Farm File Server Print Server 8 port hub 16 port hub 24 port hub 8 port switch 16 port switch 24 port switch Storage area network RAID Fiber 1000Based-F Domain controllers Bus topology Topology Microwave wireless media Infrared wireless media Radio wireless media K E Y P L A Y E R S
Helen Ross, Network Technician, Female “I don’t know who designed our old network or what they were thinking. You see, my job is to support the faculty in the building and to fix minor network issues. Well, we often have major issues in our building, and I’m hoping that you can make things better. Printing is a really problematic area for us. You see, we have over 50 networked printers in this building. Although we do need the printers, we need some way to consolidate the management of print jobs, as the queues on these printers often are filled.

We also need to navigate to each printer individually to clear them. There has to be a better way because this is ridiculous. Collisions have become a problem for us as well since we started to add new computers a few years ago. In the morning when everyone gets in, network performance slows to a crawl because everyone is busy on the network with their morning attendance and checking e-mail. After performing a network analysis, I figured out that there were way too many collisions on the network. There has to be a way to fix this. “

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