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10/20/21, 2:50 PM Quiz: Section 7.5 Section 7.5 Started: Oct 20 at 2:49pm Quiz Instructions Question 1 Given P (E) =0.446 , of P (E ∪ F ) =? 3 pts 0.316 , P (F ) = P (E ∩ F ) = 0.283 , what is the value Note: Enter your answer in the box below without rounding it. Question 2 3 pts The Chicago Bears football team has a probability of 0.52 to win the next game, and a probability of 0.14 to tie the next game. What is the probability for the team to lose the next game? Note: Please enter your final answer in full without rounding it. Question 3 3 pts 1/12 10/20/21, 2:50 PM Given Quiz

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