Select one of the following discussion topics:

Earth’s Colorful Sky – Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue, why the sun and sky appear reddish at sunrise or sunset, or why clouds usually appear white? Read the Chapter 2 Focus Topic Blue Skies, Red Suns, and White Clouds to gain some insight on the physical reasons behind these things we observe daily but often take for granted.

Post any interesting-looking photos or videos, preferably one you’ve personally taken, of a sunrise or sunset or the daytime sky in general. In your post,  apply the concepts outlined in the Chapter 2 Focus Topic to explain the reason why the sky looked the way it did in the photo.

The Clouds We’ve Seen – After reading about the various types of clouds and cloud naming conventions in Chapter 5 and the module lesson material, post one of the following:

  • Any photos or videos you’ve personally taken of clouds. Identify and describe the characteristics of the clouds in the photo or video. Also, describe the weather conditions present at the time the photo or video was taken.

An image or video from any source of your favorite cloud type. Identify and describe the characteristics of the cloud type. Be sure to share any fun or interesting story behind why it’s your favorite.

The International Cloud Atlas (WMO) (Links to an external site.) is a great resource for identifying cloud types, and also describes meteorological meteors (things observed in the atmosphere) other than clouds.

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