The Concept of Self Questions


  • Question One – What is the self according to the philosophers we have studied in this course? Describe the views of the self from philosophers we have studied. Which philosopher provides the best explanation for the self? Why?(If you prefer aspects from different philosophers, please indicate which ones and why.)
  • Question Two – Consider how your mind is related to your body. Do you affirm mind-body dualism? Why or why not? Which philosophical viewpoint (Dualism or Nondualism) provides the best explanation of mind and body? Why? Describe some implications of following the viewpoint you prefer.
  • Question Three – What is the problem of free will as we have considered it in this course? Which philosophical viewpoint(Hard Determinism, Radical Freedom, or Soft Determinism) provides the best explanation of human freedom? Describe implications of following the viewpoint you prefer in relation to moral responsibility, punishment or reward, and/or blame or praise.

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