The impacts of the First and the Second World Wars remain in the memory of the individuals who participated in the events and those who were affected. Various Rebellion movements were formed to fight against the dictatorial governments that formed over the period. However, several African Americans in the states were oppressed, tortured, and racially discriminated. As a result, a cold war developed after the second world war, which was based on the ideological, economic, and geopolitical uprising between the USSR and USA superpowers. The cold war ended about twenty-seven years ago after the dissolution of the Soviet Unions. However, this happened after the split of Nazi Germany alliance.

Thesis Statement

Knowledge and memory on global political history have been kept in various primary and secondary sources. However, based on the analysis of various novels and films developed between the 1950s and 1960s, it is evident that the theme of American society domination and life by opposing forces and government dominate. Encroachment of the United States government and manipulation of the American communities were not emphasized in the films, Although, this seemed a major topic that needed to be addressed.  Therefore, this paper will explain various statements of Media Manipulation and Government Encroachment through a reflection of the Ginsberg’s poem; ‘Howl,’ and the novel by Thomas Pynchon; ‘ The Crying of Lot 49’. Other scholarly sources will be incorporated to demonstrate the idea of media manipulation, selective ‘rebellion’, and anti-communists that developed during the Wartime.

The encroaching Domination of American Life by Centralized Authority

In the Howl Poem by Alan Ginsberg, the American society is criticized. The author emphasizes sexual freedom of all the Americans. However, it is reported that any piece of malpractice could cause rebellion and wars like those demonstrated in the World wars and the cold war period. According to Ginsberg, being free from sexual abuse makes people closer to their God whereby they can regain their spirituality and blessings from the creator (Ginsberg 56). He argues against capitalism and ‘ Moloch’ that judged men and was granted the authority to give or take using force (Croly 24).  The system of capitalism is addressed in the poem that indicated the private control of all the production and distribution processes to benefit just a few in the American society.

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