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This week was another big step in your journey into the world of accounting. Of particular importance was learning about the Double Entry System, Debits & Credits, and the Natural position of categories of accounts.


  • In your own words describe the double-entry system and how it functions in posting transactions into the financial system.
  • In your own words describe what a debit and a credit is.
  • In your own words discuss the natural position of the categories of accounts and what it means to be a natural debit vs. a natural credit.
  • Discuss anything that you found particularly interesting, or particularly difficult to understand. This is important as this will help me to help you.
  • After you have replied, please respond to at least two of your classmate’s postings and further discuss this week’s discussion topic with each other.
  • Make sure your responses are meaningful and discuss what your classmates have shared and your thoughts on it. Avoid posting short responses like “I agree”.
  • If there is anything that your classmates are having trouble understanding and you can help, please do!

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