Hi, I need help with essay on The ethical issues faced by human resource professionals. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This research will begin with the statement that human resource management is an important part of any business. Since the inception of industrialization, corporations are hiring and recruiting employees, and therefore human resource professionals are not something new. Managing human resource also involves many ethical considerations. In today’s dynamic business realm the job of an HR manager has become extremely difficult because of the increasing diversity in the workplace and bad economic situation all over the world. The present research has identified that human resource professionals are business graduates who specialize in human resource management. They may also take counseling courses in order to take a position of human resource professionals. The license is not required to become a human resource professional because it is a common business-related function. A doctorate can also be pursued in the field. There is no specific code of ethics that governs human resource profession. Every organization is free to choose its own ethical standards. The author has rightly presented that there are general laws that restrict organizations to conduct discrimination when hiring employees. There are also harassment laws that are a part of all code of ethics. But there is no universal code of ethics for human resource professionals. The four ethical issues in human resource management pertain to hiring, promotion, firing, and privacy of employees.

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