Students will craft annotations for each chapter that we read from our Wade and Ferree (2019) textbook.

In a physical notebook (≈9.5×6″), students should compose a two-page spread of visuals and writing that highlights the main points of the chapter and reflexively considers their own relationship to or experiences with the themes from that chapter. In other words, consider a) what is this chapter about? and b) how do I connect to the ideas in this chapter? Links to examples will be posted on Moodle.

I suggest offering about five or six key written points (use your words clearly and concisely) and approximately three drawn or collaged images/representations per entry. Have a running referencing list at the end of the notebook and add to it as needed. For example:

Wade, L., & Ferree, M. M. (2019). Bodies. In Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions (Second Edition, pp. 38–65). W. W. Norton & Company.

For images, note the source of the image in small text near the image itself, like my examples at the bottom of this page.

Links for layout inspiration (of course your content will be quite different as it focuses on our course readings): And here is a video on visual notetaking that may be useful:

The reading journals should be submitted as PDF scans wand (HAND Written and then scanned) attached examples of the journal for the Journals, each chapter that we read in Gender by Wade and Ferree should have its own two-page spread in your journal. So, for this half of the journal/semester, you’ll offer a two-page spread for Chapter 2, a two-page spread for Chapter 3, a two-page spread for Chapter 4, and a two-page spread for Chapter 5. For each chapter, you should identify roughly five or six key written points and offer visual representations (like drawings or collages)

Regarding citations:

  • Any image you borrow from another place should have source information indicated in some way near the image, like (By: Sasha Martinez, Source:
  • You don’t need to cite your own artwork like drawings. They are yours!
  • For your textual points, please include in-text citations like (Wade and Ferree, 2019, p. 44)
  • If your source doesn’t change for the next point (which it shouldn’t since we’re just using one chapter for each entry), you can just put the page number for the next in-text citation, like (p. 49).
  • Please keep a reference list on the last page of your journal, which you can add to as you make more journal entries. For example
  • Reference ListWade, L., & Ferree, M. M. (2019). Ideas. In Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions (Second Edition, pp. 9–37). W. W. Norton & Company.
    Wade, L., & Ferree, M. M. (2019). Bodies. In Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions (Second Edition, pp. 38–65). W. W. Norton & Company.
    (next entry)
    (next entry)
    (and so on…)You’ll submit your Creative Reading Journals electronically through Moodle. My preference is that you submit them as PDFs, since that is the only format that Moodle allows me to “mark up”. There are great free phone apps (I use TurboScan) that will take a picture in PDF for you.

    Remember that there is a rubric with the marking criteria. Also remember that we all have the capacity to be creative and I want you to have fun with this assignment! I’m not looking for artistic talent but rather comprehension and effort 🙂 Link to the book

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