I will pay for the following essay The expansion and settlement of the U.S. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.itiated the greatest sustenance mainly from Democrats especially northern states, through which the Democratic newspaper addressed an ultimate dream of widening philosophies of the U.S through no forceful and no brutal ways (Huntington). Congress and the slavery act was another reason that the US expanded. When the congress failed to pass a bill against slavery people fled in search for new territories. People fled to Kansas-Nebraska to make the positions pro or anti-slavery.Gold is a rich resource for a long time maintained the precious state. The discovery of gold in California and Klondike became a reason for people to settle in those areas in search for jobs and better lives. In addition, the completion of transcontinental Railroad 1869 as decreed by the government was another facilitator of expansion (Huntington). The ability to transport goods and people for a longer distance convinced citizens to settle wherever they wanted.People’s perception and how they have portrayed the US, has shaped the nation’s development in terms of population. Many songwriters, book authors, artists, influential leaders have painted America to be a nation flowing with milk and honey. A painting entitled American Progress has for a long time been an inspiration to most Americans and revealed the real picture of American development and expansion (Huntington). Most immigrants to the US have that thought in mind as they move to settle in the US. Among other reasons, American-Mexican war, acquisition of Hawaii and Alaska mid-19th century, French war and the Oregon Trail Dispute among many other

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