The Future of Human Employment

It seems inevitable that technology will replace human beings in all sectors. As more machines take over an increasing number of jobs, the future is being blocked by fears of the role human beings will take. To that extent, the future of human employments seems to lie in the skills that we possess. There is no denying that technology will take over many jobs in the future, however, there are certain roles that they cannot fulfill. The future of human employment lies in one’s ability to use social skills, empathy, and high order skills to gain an edge over or collaborate machines in the workplace

With the advent of technology in the workplace, human beings have a secret weapon as they face off against machines in the future workforce: empathy. Whereas machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are making great strides not only in manual tasks but also in critical thinking, humans still possess an occupational advantage in the myriad of displaced workers (Frey & Osborne, 2017). Tasks and jobs that need one-on-one interaction, like in hospitality, healthcare, tourism, and education, will firmly remain in the hands of humans.

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