The Goal is a novel in which the author narrates a real-life scenario that is faced by companies today.  The questions that are asked are; what is the real goal of the company, what is the goal of the employee and what is the purpose of the management and leadership?  Asking the question of what the goal is a question that takes time to ponder especially for the protagonist in this book.  The book starts off with a feisty boss getting word from his bosses that if production does not happen in one of his factories, his job would be jeopardized. The narrator starts off by calling him Peaches and recognizing that his maroon Mercedes is parked in his parking spot. On the instant of reaching the proximity of Peaches, he runs by a group of individuals who were complaining about this guy. The tenacity and aggressiveness of Peaches cause Alex’s best machinist to quit. The reason why the boss was there in the first place was to speed up the factory because they were not meeting demand. Peaches also explained that if this situation remained the same, he would have to close the factory. Alex and his acquaintances are faced with uncertainty and panic and they must find out what the problem is. As a result of the company issues, Alex ends up neglecting his family responsibilities; he forgets to attend to his family and spend time with his wife and children. 

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