The theme of the doppelganger is often presented in sceneries characterized as dark signifying the horrifying environment that is associated with doubles. In Frankenstein 1931 film, Mary Shelley’s becomes the ordained doppelgangers to its creator, Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Poe was captivated with the theme of the doppelgangers. Ligeia, the narrator’s soulmate, in death she incorporates the body and the personality of Rowena, obliterating her as if she never existed at all. Poe central theme suggests that Lageia’s love is more prevailing than death. The doppelganger from Oscar’s novel The Picture of Dorian Grayis Dorian’s and the painting, “the most magical of mirrors. As it had revealed to him his body so that it would reveal to him his soul”(Wilde,& Nevile, 1989).All the three literature are images for protuberant nineteenth-century social fears and anxieties subjective to advancements in science, rules of modesty and atavistic theories. The literature, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe and Frankenstein are appropriately representing human desires and pleasures.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Ligeia and Frankenstein are introductory works in the Gothic norm of literature. All the three texts continue to engage readers and have enthused numerous adaptations of theater, literature as well as films. The doppelgangers are classic Gothic epitomes. However, they are also perceptible characters that can surpass the pages of each text. Gothic literature offers a conducive platform of criticizing precise social developments through the adoption of symbolic mechanisms for instance doppelganger, to high point the anxieties and deficits of advancement. The exoticism that subsists in these texts also pinnacles the deformities and clampdowns of both doppelganger and their human equivalents. In spite of the dismaying actions of Dorian Gray, Ligeia, and Frankenstein, readers may still be characterized by the empathy towards doppelganger as a result of the encounters, pain as well as suffering they are preordained to stomach. Nonetheless, the readers might also perceive how doppelgangers symbolize something substantial of a past culture and society. Therefore, the listed literature is durable triumphs of Gothic literature with their intense understanding of the weakness of the nineteenth-century humanity.

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