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Please do NOT heavily quote sources word for word.

SECTION III: Pick ONE of the short essay questions to write about.

Your response must be 2 pages long (typed, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced) and must follow the prompt instructions completely. You must also answer all the prompt questions directly, accurately, and in detail.

Please organize your response into paragraphs. You may organize each 1-2 paragraphs around Part A, B, and C of the essay prompt. (For instance, your first 1-2 paragraphs will address Part A, second or third paragraph will address Part B, etc.) You don’t need to write an introduction or conclusion paragraph for your short essay, just launch directly into answering the prompt questions.

TURNITIN.COM NOTE: Generally speaking, your percentage should around 25-30% max. This is not a hard percentage, but if the paper percentage is, say, 50%, that would be too high. Percentages designate the amount of text in your submission that is an exact match with a website, textbook, or prior student paper submitted into the system.

Pick ONE question to write about:

1. The Great Depression. A) Discuss in detail 2 major causes of the Great Depression. Note: The stock market crash was not a root cause of the Great Depression. B) Discuss in 1 or 2 paragraphs what life was like for Americans during the Great Depression. If you want, you may discuss what happened to Latino Americans in 1 of these paragraphs. C) Discuss Herbert Hoover’s approach to the Great Depression and why it was a failure. (NOTE: if you decide to answer question B in 2 paragraphs rather than 1, then you do not need to answer question C.)

2. The New Deal A) Discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt’s attitude and approach towards tackling the Great Depression. B) Define the New Deal in your own words and give a general overview/introduction of the types of programs it implemented. Section B must be a substantial paragraph long (not just say, 3 sentences.) C)Discuss 2 New Deal programs in detail.

3. The Fighting of World War II A) How did World War II begin in Europe? B) How did World War II begin in Japan? C) How did the U.S. eventually get involved in the fighting of World War 2? Be sure to explain whether it was through Japan and/or Germany, and how so.

3. The Rise of the Defense Industry in the Home FrontA) How did the home front succeed in producing such a huge quantity of weapons and military supplies for the United States? (This first question is a bit open-ended, and you can chose a number of ways to answer that question. I am open to how you answer it as long as you support your answers with details and historical examples.) For instance, how did the U.S. raise funds to support this project and what changes or sacrifices did certain businesses, regions, or people have to make to enable this project? B)How were women and minorities recruited to fill labor shortages, and what was their experience like in their places of employment?

3. Life for Minorities during World War 2. A)Describe in detail 1 opportunity or positive development for the lives of minorities during World War 2. B) Describe in detail 2 examples of challenges or struggles experienced by a minority group during World War 2. These challenges or struggles can be an event or historical development. And your responses to A, B, and C and come from either the military experience or home front experience. C) Write a conclusion paragraph giving your overall assessment of life for minorities during the war. This paragraph does not have to be long, but should tie your examples together and give an opinion of how you’d assess the lives of minorities during the war.

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