The Great GatsbyWhat is the excerpt’s main concern? How does this thematic context fit into the “Modernist” literary style? Make sure to support your argument with examples. “You make me feel uncivilized, Daisy” I confessed on my second glass of corky but rather impressive claret (a red wine from Bordeaux area). “Can’t you talk about crops or something?” I meant nothing in particular by this remark but it was taken up in an unexpected way.  “Civilization’s going to pieces, “broke out ________ violently. “I’ve gotten to a terrible pessimist about things. Have you read ‘The Rise of the Colored Empires’ by this man Goddard? “Why, no,” I answered, rather surprised by this tone.  “Well, it’s a fine book and everybody ought to read it. The ideas if we don’t look out the white race will be—will be utterly submerged. It’s all scientific stuff; it’s been proved. “_________’s getting very profound,” said Daisy with an expression of unthoughtful sadness.

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