Online Discussion Board Assignment Instructions
Topic this week: Health of Older Adults
Students are required to write and post an article (written in one’s own words with
self-reflections and not plagarized or copied or just a summary)
The required text/narrative article postings must be in your own words and must be substantial
and meaningful that it adds to the class co-learning process. It must be grammatically correct
and consist of a minimum of 500 words (narrative component only; NOT including the title,
student name, date, or references cited). The postings CANNOT use or repeat what is
presented from the required readings and class lectures each week. Each student is to write
articles that build on the topical focus area for that week that a student is assigned to. Each
student article posting should summarize a professional article from a reliable source (Wikipedia
and are not reliable sources) related to the topical focus area for the week and
include your own personal perspectives/reflections and stories into it.
For example, if we are discussing the topic about elder health on that particular week you
are assigned to complete a discussion board assignment, a narrative posting of a
summary of a professional article that describes a new mobile device that is being used
to assist in caring for the elderly and how that has made an impact on a family member
or someone you know would be appropriate. Each post must also include a title, student
name, date, and properly-cited reference!
There are examples in the other attachment!
You should use original articles not someone else’s reflection!
The article you can NOT use for this week:
Laditka, S.B., Corwin, S.J., Laditka, J.N., Liu, R., Tseng, W., Wu, B., Beard, R.L.,
Sharkey, J.R., & Ivey, S.L. (2009). Attitudes about Aging Well Among a Diverse Group
of Older Americans: Implications for Promoting Cognitive Health. The Gerontologist,
49, S1, S30-S39.
Wong-Kim, E., & Burke, N. J. (2013). A Passage to Good Death: End of Life Care for
Asian Amerians. In Handbook of Asian American Health (G. J. Yoo, M.-N. Le, & A. Y.
Oda, Eds.), pp. 341-350. New York, NY: Springer.

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