Part II 

In the film, The Help, an aspiring author living in the American South during the civil rights era is writing a book about the daily hardships of African American maids working for white families. 

  1. What leadership theory best informs Skeetar Phelan about the situation she faces in gathering data and stories from Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson? State the theory and justify your answer.
  2. What relevant theory identifies informs us of Aibileen Clark’s leadership that can predict her effectiveness? State the theory and justify your answer. 
  3. The central conflict of The Help is that Aibileen Clark is trying to cope with her son’s untimely death, support Mae Mobley despite her mother’s neglectful ways, and deal with the oppressive social norms for people of color in her community. What leadership theory could best inform Aibileen about managing and resolving this conflict.
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