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The History and Development of the American Courts.
As United State citizens, we depend on the legislative branch to administer justice. However, the knowledge we have about the history of it is very limited. In this paper, I will be analyzing the history of the American courts, more specifically, how they came to be one of the most powerful branches of the system of the United States. Starting off, I’ll analyze how each State has had its own court since before the creation of the constitution, but not the federal court system. Next, I will proceed with the creation of the Supreme Court concept. Between this, I will be including President Washington choosing the first justices. Subsequently, the incorporation of Article III of the Constitution which allows Congress to make other federal courts, and place restrictions on their jurisdiction. This led to the establishment of the lower courts – district and state- which contributed to the formation of the dual-court system of the US. Additionally, the foundation of the juvenile court system, which emerged almost a century after the judicial system began. In conclusion, I think it’s worth to mention the critical role the constitution plays not only on the creation of the courts but in the utility that is given daily.

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