The Idealized Masculinity and Emotional Trauma Discussion


Discussion forums have been set on the Course page where students can discuss the weekly readings and corresponding content learned within each unit. Students are expected to engage in these discussions on a weekly basis. Discussions will focus on the readings’ merits and pitfalls, major arguments, contributions to the field of study, and how they connect to the information and activities discussed in the corresponding unit. Along with posting your own thoughts on the readings, each week you are expected to engage with a post from one of your classmates.

Compose a post and within that post, for each of the assigned articles you read this week, discuss the following:

  • The article’s main argument and purpose
  • The article’s main points of discussion
  • How the article complements the content of the unit it was assigned with
  • The most important thing you learned from the article about the First World War
  • A question that comes to mind after reading the article 

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Introduction The First World War is often described as the first ‘modern’ war because so many technologies were used that had never been a part of warfare before. The war happened during an era when scientific, medical, and technological innovation was flourishing. Necessity is often called the mother of invention, and to outsmart their enemies, armies on both sides of the conflict invested in technologies that would, hopefully, help them win the war. While technology has, traditionally, been considered a sign of modernity and progress, not all the new modes of warfare adopted during the First World War were heralded as so. In this unit, we will explore the adoption and use of several types of technologies, to better understand their impact on the nature of warfare that came to define the First World War. In particular, we will

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