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In week 4, we will discuss the industry’s development process and the use of “coverage” or story analysis to assess scripts and other materials under consideration as feature films properties. Coverage is a document You will read a provided short story and write “coverage” of its contents (a cover page with short summaries, a 1-2 page plot synopsis and a 1-2 pages of “comments” on its potential as a possible film), as well as a 2-3-page response paper considering the effectiveness of coverage as an evaluative tool, whether it’s an appropriate instrument for measuring a property’s potential, or what else it does/doesn’t account for. This assignment is due at the end of week 5.7 attachmentsSlide 1 of 7

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UCSD COVERAGE TITLE: AUTHOR: DRAFT DATE: LENGTH: GENRE: CIRCA: WRITER: LOGLINE: COMMENT SUMMARY: SYNOPSIS: DATE: SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: READER: ELEMENTS: SCRIPT: EXCELLENT STORY IDEA PLOT/STRUCTURE CHARACTERS DIALOGUE SETTING/VISUAL COMMENTS: GOOD FAIR POOR Reflection Essay NAME: __________________________________________ A.P. English Literature – Mr. Rose The Blue Lenses by Daphne du Maurier Annotation column This was the day for the bandages to be removed and the blue lenses fitted. Marda West put her hand up to her eyes and felt the bandage. The days had passed into weeks since the operation, and she had laid there suffering no physical discomfort, but only the anonymity of darkness, a negative feeling that the world and the life around was passing her by. As for the operation itself, it had been successful. Here was definite promise. A hundred per cent successful. “You will see,” the surgeon told her, “more clearly than ever before.

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