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2. Compare the absorption spectrum of the blue dye (1d) to the intensity spectra of light change in intensity of light passing through the blue dye (1a). Comment on the wavelengths with a large absorption versus wavelengths with a large intensity. 3. Compare the effect on the light intensity passing through both yellow and blue dye cuvettes (1c) to the effect on the light intensity passing through each individually (1a and 1b). 4. Compare the absorption spectrum of the green dye (1f) to the absorption spectra of the yellow dye (1d) and the blue dye (1e). 5. In two or three sentences, clearly explain the relationship between the color a solution appears to be, and the color(s) absorbed by that solution. 6. Mixing yellow and blue paint creates a green paint, but mixing yellow and blue light creates white light (reviewing your

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