Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses design and implementing data questionnaires of using the internet. The first part of the questionnaires is for the study group or the students who will be using the Internet for the duration of the study. The first part of the questionnaires is for the study group or the students who will be using the Internet for the duration of the study.1.) Do you get enough knowledge, information and data from the Internet?&nbsp.2.) What kind of learning do you get from the internet?3.) What information do you get from the internet?4.) How much time do you spend using the internet at home?5.) Do you think the internet is a helpful tool for learning Reading in English?6.) Do you learn Reading in English from the Internet?&nbsp.7.) Has this helped you, in any way, in your Reading and Comprehension in English?&nbsp.8.) Has the internet helped you in your studies as a whole?&nbsp.9.) What kind of materials do you get from the internet that has helped you in learning&nbsp.Reading in English from the Internet, if there are any?10.) Are these downloadable materials?11.) Do you think you need particular software for learning Reading in English?12.) Do you get enough information aside from books and other reading materials in the traditional library?&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.13.) What sort of information and data do you get from the internet?&nbsp.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.14.) Do you think the internet is an easy and inexpensive method of research?&nbsp.15.) Are most of your assignments and lessons in the class found on the internet?&nbsp.16.) How reliable is the information provided by the internet with regards to your assignment and other lessons and school work? With regards your personal needs or future plans in your student life?&nbsp.19.) Do you think high school students should have absolute access to the internet at home or in school?&nbsp.20.) Shouldn’t they be banned from surfing the internet, especially the unethical and illegal practices?&nbsp.21.) How much time should a student spend surfing or researching the internet?&nbsp.22.) Do you think more regulations should be enforced regarding commercials and other information uploaded and downloaded through the internet?&nbsp.23.) What sort of stuff do you upload and download through the internet?&nbsp.24.) Do you have full access to any kind of website if you have a credit card?&nbsp.25.) Can you enumerate some of the benefits of using the internet aside from English learning?26.) Are these useful in your studies?27.) Do you think the internet should be here to stay to help you in your studies?28.

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