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PSC Chemistry Questions Atoms 1) Fill in the chart below given the element assigned to you then draw the picture: a) Mg b) Be c) C d) N Your element protons e) F f) Si g) P h) S i) Ar j) K k) Ga l) Br m) Kr n)As neutrons electrons mass Lewis Dot Ionic Bonding 2) Give the ionic & chemical formulas for the pair assigned to you: a) Al & O b) Ca & F c) Ba & P d) Mg & N e) K & O f) Na & P g) Ba & Cl h) Ca & I i) Be & N Covalent Bonding 3) Give the correct structure of the covalent molecule assigned to you: a) CS2 b) NSF c) IPO d) INS e) SiOF2 f) FPS g) C3H6 h) C2Cl2 i) C4I2 j) FSiN k) COF2 l) C3H4O2 Elements, Compounds, & Types of Mixtures: 4) Label whether your letter is an element compound or mixture: a) Sugar (C6H12O6) b) N2 c) sugar water d) Blue cheese e) Silver f) Table salt (NaCl) g) I2 h) windex window cleaner i) KI j) Radon (Rn) k) soil l)

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