The software developer is entitled with the responsibility of designing and developing software for the company as per the customer specifications and the market demand (One net code connector, n.d.). In this position, the employee receives a monthly salary amounting to sixty-eight thousand dollars. The marketing specialist is endowed with the responsibility of searching, securing and maintaining the market for the products produced by the company. He/she does this through analyzing the market base in the regional and also local level (Professional Marketing Specialist Job Description Template, n.d.). In this position, the employee receives a monthly salary of fifty thousand dollars every month. In yellow leaf software solutions, the sales representative works hand in hand with the clients so that he/she is in a position to enquire from the clients on what they require and find solutions for any arising matter that concerns the company’s products. The sales representative also has the responsibility to undertake advertising activities in an attempt to sell make known to the consumers the services that the company offers. The sales representative in his/her position has the ability to make the company enlarge and develop its market margin both geographically and regarding diverse social groups of people (Sales Representative Job Description – How to Become a Sales Representative, n.d). The sales representative is awarded a starting monthly pay amounting to fifty thousand dollars. This amount has the potential of securing ten thousand dollars every year as commission. The customer service representative has the responsibility of taking care of the customers; he/she is supposed to listen to the clients’ complains and forward them to the respective department to offer solutions. The customer service representative should possess the virtue of patience and listen (Customer Service Job Description, n.d.). In this position, the employee receives a monthly salary amounting to thirty-three thousand dollars. The administrative assistant is endowed with the responsibility of handling administrative

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