Born in 1911, California, in the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th President of America.  He was first elected into office in 1980 before being reelected in 1985. Reagan’s political career began in the populous state of California where he served as the State’s Governor for two terms. Before his stint in politics, Reagan was an actor who had served various roles in Hollywood movies.  His presidency was marked with several accomplishments, both political and economic. In essence, Reagan’s legacy was cemented by economic policies that saw a rise in wages as a result of a thriving economy.

Reagan had come into the office after the country had experienced economic downturns. As such, it was necessary for his administration to come up with policies that would stimulate investments and encourage a culture of saving. In order to achieve this, he lowered tax rates thus encouraging investments. His critics had argued that a reduction in taxes would lead to more money supply in the economy thus causing inflationary tendencies.  This was, however, not the case. Instead, the country experienced an economic boom leading to the creation of several jobs.

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