Hi, I need help with essay on Analysis of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This book review focuses on primary human self-preservation instinct in the face of danger. The people of the village are close-knit community. All of the children are friends and get along, and the husbands and wives find good company with one another. However, this picturesque community is capable of changing beyond recognition as “The Lottery” revealed.In Jackson’s short story, the lottery is an age-old tradition that involves the townspeople coming together to determine, by drawing slips of paper from a black box, who among them will be stoned to death. People are more concerned about themselves than they are about others, regardless of any bond or relationships they had. Their own safety ends up being the top priority and they are prepared to shunt aside the needs of others. The characters of “The Lottery” could not have been more obvious in how much they cared for one another. Once the lottery began, however, it became every man for themselves. This reaction is common in real life as the loyalties of humanity switch to meet their own needs before the needs of others. When one of the main characters picked the slip that condoned one of his family members to death, another slip was drawn that declared his wife to be the one to be stoned. The bond of the close-knit community completely shattered. The friendswere now sighing in relief at the fact that they had not drawn the marked people. The danger had passed for everyone, the festivities were about to begin, and now they were allowed to look out for themselves.

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