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Read the paper more than once including the appendices. Underline or highlight the important ideas. You should not be repeating the abstract. Instead you need to read the article carefully and you should provide your own analysis. Your analysis should be clear, grammatically correct and error-free.

Explain the authors’ arguments:

1.What is the research question? Explain the problem to which this paper addresses itself. Why is it an important issue?

2.Explain the methodology. Explain the model. If there are many specifications, explain each of them clearly.

3.What data do the authors use? Focus especially on the variables that are most important for what the authors are trying to achieve. If different types of variables and data are used, discuss them.

4.What estimation methods are used?

5.What are the authors’ results? If there are many explain all the important ones.

6.How do their results compare with what others have done?

7.What is the conclusion of their article?

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