create a question and explain the answer, during the period of WWII and use as a reference the movie The Monument Men.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Movie Assignment – Due November 5, 2020 Requirements: Based on the movie we have watched, and the applicable era we have studied in class, create an original discussion question that inspires in-depth thought. Then answer your question in 500 words. +5pts for Hitting 500 words exactly! Rubric: 50pts total Criteria Question Organization Quality Excellent (16pts) Question is original and inspires in-depth thought. Ideas are arranged logically and lead into one another, creating a smooth line of reasoning. Meets word count (+/-5). The writing is compelling and original, maintaining the readers interest. Good (11pts) Question is original but does not inspire complex new ideas. Ideas are arranged logically and generally lead into one another so the reader can follow the line of reasoning. Meets word count (+/-5). The writing is engaging and generally keeps the readers interest. Acceptable (6pts) Question is original but does not inspire new thoughts. Ideas are somewhat arranged; the reader can parse together the writer’s intention. Within (+/- 10) words. The writing has some compelling moments but is overall unengaging. Unacceptable (1pt) Question is unoriginal Ideas are not arranged in any logical order and the reader cannot follow the argument. Outside word count requirement. The writing has little to engage the reader.
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