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Read the feudal contract between the Viscount of Carcassonne and the Abbot of Grasse, available here: Then, using it and the textbook at the sources, answer the following questions.

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Feudal Documents 1 of 5 Feudal Documents (11th-12th centuries) The feudal system, the name usually given to medieval social organization, 1 developed as a result of the need for security in a violent and disorderly world. Based upon deeply felt concepts of obligation and justice, the heart of the system lay in the relationship between lord and vassal, as well as in an implicit belief in the active presence of God in everyday life. A letter from the Bishop of Chartres, written in 1020, offers a brief account of the mutual duties of lords and vassals to serve and protect one another. Both lord and vassal benefited from the system. As the charter of homage between the monastery of Saint Mary of Grasse and Bernard Atton (1110) illustrates, promises of service were rewarded with a fief–that

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