Healthcare organizations assist citizens to regain their normal health. The governments regulate their activities because of their sensitive role in society. The study has demonstrated that the employees experience numerous risks as they serve the patients. Consequently, the administrators have implemented strategies to ensure the safety of the workers. The method improves the job satisfaction of the workers and the effective healing of their clients. However, the firms have been unable to curb workplace incivility. The employees suffer from psychological torture when their colleagues or senior infringe on their privacy or act rudely. The investigation discovered that the practice results from the mental condition of the perpetrators regarding the victim; age, experience or race. Nevertheless, the paper has highlighted that the implementation of rules will reduce the incivility prevalence. The employees will receive equal treatment as they all share their ideas. Eventually, open communication will sharpen talents and build a positive working culture.

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture: Prevention of Workplace Incivility

 The first phase of orientation into a firm should focus on instilling a positive workplace culture into the new employees. The strategy serves to strengthen the firms’ objectives in several ways. For instance, the culture attracts talent and engagement from the workforce. The results emanate from the fact that the employee will have great happiness and satisfaction while working in such an organization. The study focuses on the healthcare organizations which demand high levels of the positive workplace and identify any case of negative aspects in the firms. After that, the paper will investigate intervention measures of the identified challenge and expected outcomes after the program. 

Healthcare Organizations Setting

            The role of providing quality and affordable healthcare mostly lies in the governments. Moreover, the organizations have to uphold several aspects if they have to serve the citizens in an appropriate manner (Saddique, 2015). First, they have to comply with the World Health Organization’s requirements. There also exist bodies such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) that govern their operations. The regulatory agencies set the rules which the firms have to follow (Saddique, 2015). However, the customers can assess whether the firms are compliant or not.

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