Pentagon BuildingThe Pentagon Building, headquarters of the Department of Defense of the United States government, is one of the world’s largest office buildings. The building lies just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. in Arlington, Virginia.The building was constructed by army engineers and was completed in 1943. The Pentagon has approximately 23,000 employees and is virtually a city in itself with private restaurants, a bank, heliport, and a television station. It was built in the shape of a pentagon with each outer wall having a length of 921 feet. Pentagon ABCDE shown below represents the outer edge of the building with point F at its center. The smaller pentagon represents the courtyard that lies within the Pentagon Building.In Exercises 1–5, use the diagram and the information above.What is the perimeter of the Pentagon Building?What is the measure of the central angle AFE? What type of triangle is AFE?Find the length of FX . Round your result to one decimal place.Find the total area of the Pentagon building. Round your result to one decimal place.Suppose the inner pentagon that represents the courtyard has a side length of approximately 307 feet. What is the approximate ratio of its area compared to the area of the entire Pentagon?Ilene-ill: graph paper, straightedge, and 1:0um Whltk?lnrlll‘?nnlhlph?w?napnlmnnadrnllwt?llum-r?’ll’llnelghlarull‘urltlul? Wig-In nlrnl? Isl-11h III-Ir nln?r II the origin. STEP 1 Draw circle Use yanr straiglltedge tonmkeasetufaxesenymn’gmphpapetPlat 11:: Paints {5, [I], (0. 5L (-5. El}.and {t}, —5}. Place Ihe paint ef?lecompass on ?le origin and the pencilon point [5, {1]. Duty a circle that hasaradiusef? and passes threughthepoims [5. a), (a. 51 {—5. a}. and {a}, -5;STEP 2 Flat points Plot The point {3, 41mthe circle. Label ?uis point 1. Plot ?ne I…-paint (3, a}. Label this point 3. Plot um IIIIEEEII IIIII point{?,ll}.Laheld1ispeimC. STEP 3 Dramr triangle Use your mightedge ‘I-WHIIILto draw hAEC’. lll?il ‘1′.— STEP 4 Determine lengths of legs DetermineThe lengths nfihe legs uf?d??. STEP 5 Determine length of hquntenuseUse the Pythagorean Theorem—ta ?ndIlse leng?n afthe hypotenuse AC. STEP li- Cnllpsre hypotenuse sntl rldlns Cempsrethe length afthe hypmemueand the radius of?letrisngle.