Pick a topic regarding the Black Lives Matter movements, take a current news story (NO OPINIONS ONLY FACT, PICK A CITY LIKE MINNEAPOLIS AND GEORGE FLOYD.) and discuss/analyze it from the perspective of the two sociological theorists listed below. You must mention in depth the two theorists and at least three of their concepts. This paper is not a book report, a current events review, or a news story critique. The vast majority of this paper should be surrounding the defining, describing in detail, and applying the theory to the topic. Two pages should be dedicated to introducing the concepts, explaining them, and applying them to the topic. This is not a background or history report of the theorist or the topic. This is very short application of concepts to explain a current phenomenon. In the analysis you need to use definitions (paraphrase don’t quote), and explain the definitions. Briefly discuss using a paragraph to explain the basics issues you found from the news article and other reliable sources. Then use the next two/three pages or more to discuss the various theoretical perspectives using various terms (define the terms, explain in detail using your own words not quotes, and explain how you think they relate/explain/or describe the social problems or issues). This means you may have to do additional research regarding the theories.



Requirements: Paper require APA, ASA, or MLA formatting. Double space 12 point font, one inch margins, no tabbed lists and no quotes beyond a sentence or two . Also, the space between paragraphs is no greater than the space between sentences. All papers need citations (even if paraphrasing), and a bibliography of the citations.

750 Word MINIMUM


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